Hands of an Angel Therapeutic Massage was established and created in 2013 by the company director, Lusi Beraciri. Lusi had a vision and foresight on creating a powerful and everlasting brand that was backed up by a service that gives 110%. Being so passionate and driven regarding the health and wellbeing of people, Lusi's motivation  was to be more understanding when it comes to their individual health. Being sympathetic to ones health is giving the upmost respect to an unwell person. As a therapist, Lusi has travelled all around Australia with her work and has found it to be a blessing to heal someone with chronic pain whilst incorporating spiritualism and science. 

In 2013 Hands of an Angel Therapeutic Massage was based in Chinchilla (3.5 hours west of Brisbane) for the sole purpose of treating men and women who gave their time to the gas and coal industry. When it comes to mining and farming, both industries are in Lusi's blood. Lusi was born into a mining and farming family and also worked for Shell since the age of 14. Lusi has observed the long, strenuous hours and back breaking affect it has on your wellbeing and mental health. With this in mind, Lusi knew deep down she had to open the pathway of being an educator as well as a therapist. 

Lusi has over 15 years experience as a therapist and has been blessed and honoured to not only be mentored by individuals who are well educated but are also gurus in the spiritual realm. Lusi has gained her education in anatomy and physiology as well as musculoskeletal through the Australian Institute of Applied Science. This education has allowed Lusi to also advance her career through the Remedial Massage Industry. 

Lusi has worked with the majority of elite hotels in Brisbane whilst contracting to rejuvenator health massage which has enabled her to treat patients from all over the world. This includes diplomats, different members of the Royal family, world leaders, elite sporting teams and celebrities. She has also had the opportunity to work alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors.

Fast forward from 2013 to now and Hands of an Angel Therapeutic Massage has now advanced to three different locations, Chinchilla, Toowoomba and Brisbane. 

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